Turnkey Installation

When our clients need a full-service solution that allows their own resources to remain available, IMSG can provide a completely integrated project – from planning and budgeting, thru final completion.  Even when a project team includes both internal and external resources, we can coordinate and manage the optimal final solution.


Construction & Project Management

Our team is skilled with a variety of different roles to meet the demands of the project. The IMSG Project & Construction Managers are supported by years of experience using industry-best practices and tools.  We diligently manage the scope, schedule, and budget to insure project success, and adapt when needed to changed conditions. We can efficiently integrate our construction management methodology to match with our client’s internal resources and tolerance for risk. Detailed work plans, schedules of values, and change management best practices.


Carrier Integration

Our mission-critical clients frequently utilize multiple cable routes and multiple carriers to insure 100% uptime to cloud-based networks.  We can design and construct multiple fiber network paths that connect to multiple network providers via diverse fiber routes to support high-availability requirements.