TexCor has the experience to install and operate long haul, metro and campus communications environment along with the hardware and software resources of an entire network that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network. It provides the communication path and services between networks, users, processes, applications, services and the internet.

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Fiber Optics

Long Haul - IMSG has engineered, constructed, and lit thousands of miles of fiber optic network systems that cross North America.  We meet and exceed the required performance of our clients, including numerous national carriers and wireless companies.

Metro / Fiber To The Anything (FTTx) - Our clients have used our capabilities to design, deploy, and operate metro area networks, which provide broadband utility services just like water, sewer, and trash.  Operating these city-owned networks, our clients have deployed thousands of nodes of fiber to the home that outperform legacy copper networks.

Campus / Facilities - Often times, the job of getting from the public right of way to the final address is just the beginning.  We have the expertise to design and deploy network infrastructure that can interconnect multiple buildings, data centers, and equipment rooms as part of a comprehensive solution set.

Carrier Integration - Our mission-critical clients frequently utilize multiple cable routes and multiple carriers to insure 100% uptime to cloud-based networks.  We can design and construct multiple fiber network paths that connect to multiple network providers via diverse fiber routes to support high-availability requirements.

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Point-to-Point / Multipoint - We can extend network reach for our clients using a multitude of systems that match the demands of any network, including long-haul microwave, mesh networks, and public Wi-Fi.  With development of network standards, it is now possible to deploy wireless systems that meet and exceed 1 gigabit per second (1Gbps) of data throughput.


Wi-Fi / DAS / 5G - Regardless of the application type, frequency, or payload, our team of highly-skilled engineers can design and deploy a solution set that can serve clients in any workspace, building, or stadium.  As we move forward into sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT), we expect all our clients will need to support high speed, high-availability wireless networks that deliver competitive speed to all devices.

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Video Surveillance - As costs decrease and capabilities improve, we see that numerous interior and exterior cameras can enable our clients to mitigate risks, decrease losses, and optimize operations.  Video analytics are providing capabilities that track customer flows, improve production operations, and enhance security in public spaces – any return on investment (ROI) that reduces risk and improves efficiency is becoming an increasingly vital management tool.


Access Control - Many corporate and educational clients have reconsidered the technologies that prevent unrestricted access for the facilities they operate.  We can provide solutions to integrate video enhancement as part of a comprehensive solution to manage who gets access and provide two-level authentication as needed.


Intrusion Detection – All of the traditional systems to call up live video for an area expected to be unoccupied have evolved beyond passive infrared detectors and motion sensors.  As networks become a vital shared resource, many of our clients are monitoring IT assets in remote locations to insure network elements are not compromised by vendors or those seeking unauthorized access.